Follics 5(Minoxidil-5%)- 60mL

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FOLLICS® 5 contains the active ingredient Minoxidil – clinically proven to stop hair loss. They have proven to continue to dominate hair loss treatments over the past 30 years. This formula is combined with Caffeine and Azelaic Acid, two of the most powerful natural DHT blockers, to fight all known causes of hair loss. This global approach to treating the entire scalp provides unrivaled results and a premium hair growth experience. Minoxidil is the most widely used hair loss treatment and is effective in promoting hair growth in people with androgenetic alopecia. Caffeine can counteract the shrinkage of hair follicles caused by DHT and promote hair follicle proliferation by stimulating cell metabolism. Our formulation technology allows deeper and longer penetration into the scalp for maximum activation of all active ingredients.

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