supply chain

Binowe – Supply Chain Transparency Act

Binowe Ltd. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “Binowe,” “we,” “us,” “our”) respect human rights and recognise the importance of a safe working environment globally.

As a company that complies with current UK law, we publicly disclose our efforts to help eliminate child labour and inequality in human rights from our supply chain, so that you can make informed decisions when purchasing our products.


Binowe implements and maintains policies and procedures that require Binowe and its contractors to conduct business in a legal, ethical, and responsible manner.

Before engaging with any new supplier, Binowe internally evaluates these suppliers and requires them to adhere to Binowe’s policies, including but not limited to our Supplier Code of Conduct. Our Supplier Code of Conduct requires suppliers to fully comply with all applicable government, legal, regulatory, and professional rules and regulations.

Supplier Audits

All new suppliers must agree to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct before being granted our business.


 To ensure that our suppliers respect and implement our corporate standards and applicable laws and regulations, we require suppliers to adhere to Binowe’s policies, including but not limited to our Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as all applicable laws and regulations, in our contracts.

Internal Accountability

Non-compliance with Binowe’s policies, including corporate standards on slavery and trafficking, may lead to corrective action or termination of cooperation, depending on the number and severity of non-compliance found.


All Binowe employees, including those directly responsible for supply chain management, must review and agree to adhere to our Employee Code of Conduct so that each employee can better identify and report risks of unethical or illegal behavior related to any stage of Binowe’s supply chain.